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Friday, 22 October 2010

Where to buy a Go Pro camera in Bali?

You can buy a Go Pro surf camera in Bali for 2 million Rupiah ($220 US approx.) for the standard 5MP version or 3.6million Rupiah ($395 US approx.) for the HD version. These are available in '526 Foot' surf shop on Sunset Road in Seminyak on the main road on the way to Canggu / Kerobokan.

You should see it on the right as you are going West out of town, there is a giant poster of a guy riding a SUP adorning the wall. I can also tell you that it has lots of epoxy surfboards in the windows and big Tuflite / Surftech adverts outside.  I also find it a great technical store as they offer such things as SurfTech rental as well.    Good luck!  See map below to help you!

Here's a link to the shop's website - 526 Foot Surf Shop

I see they recently have put up an online shop - here's the link to the GoPro page - 526 Foot Surf Shop Online Store: GoPro


Where to buy a Go Pro camera in Bali?


  1. not Chasers !! but CAESAR !!! .. opposite to post office and just 10 meters from Ma In Lo Bar.


  3. BTW, CHASERS salad is shit !!!
    I ordered a fresh salad , but fresh ONION served on the dish. Stupid restaurant ... grrrrr

  4. Thats the best shop to buy GoPro on Bali with the whole stock:
    They mailed me the prizes:
    Price HD Helmet Rp 3.150.000,HD Naked Rp 2.750.000,HD Surf Rp 2.850.000,HD Motorsport Rp 3.150.000,HD 960 Rp 1.875.000.

    Have fun,

  5. I edited some awesome videos all over Bali with the GoPro. check'em out!


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