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  1. Great stuff! Keep it coming!

  2. Another lifestyle blog of Bali:

    Congrats on your Blog!

  3. Hi,

    Blog is cool, some good reading and videos. Did you say you were teaching english in Bali, is there much work out there?


  4. Hi - Yes I am teaching English here! There is some work but it depends what kind of school. For example, the international schools, who require all types of fully-qualified teachers, recruit generally around March for the next academic year, which doesn't start until July. I teach at English First (http://www.englishfirst.co.id/englishfirst/cities/bali.aspx)
    If you have a TEFL cert you can get a job with them or if you don't, you can still work for their online school, www.englishtown.com . If you are in Bali, go to the Hayum Waruk school to enquire and you should be able to meet the boss! The online school is easy work but a little tedious (they are more flexible with contracts there as well). Here's a job advert - http://www.esljobs.com/indonesia/great-teaching-opportunities-at-englishtown-bali-indonesia/ or this http://tesljobs.com/viewjob.php?id_job=11871

    There are other schools, such as www.easyspeak.co.id but best to google it or, if you are here, ask / drive around!

    1. Hey, I work there now ! Englishtown Bali.
      I know in Bali the money is not like dollars but it's cheaper here and my job is really clear. I love it.

      I have made some great friends. Bali is great for holiday but you need friends to live here.

  5. Hello,
    Nice blog and have forwarded it to my pals who love to surf.
    Can you recommend 2 or 3 really good places to stay in Bali that are special and different and not too pricey? Budget of about £25 to £35 per night. I am crazy for massages so if you can let me know where people go. I am also looking for someone who can make leather bags and shoes at reasonable prices and good quality. Sorry for all the questions but you look like someone who would know. Lastly (sorry) where do all the expats hang out? Thanks a lot for any help you can give!

  6. Tell me more about what you are looking for exactly - a quiet spot? or a party spot? if quiet - Kolonial House in Sanur (http://kolonialhouse.com/) is very nice and reasonable - about 30quid/night (no food but a has a kitchen).My dad stayed there and loved it.
    If you're looking more for party atmosphere somewhere more in Kuta/Seminyak/Tuban is what you're after. As far as an exact place to stay, not sure really - there are loads!!! Tell me more of what you're after and I'll send some links!

  7. PS most expats hang out in places outside of the Kuta carnage!
    The older crowd are generally in Sanur (pricier but nice & mellow), many Ozzies over in Kerobokan & Canggu (and French people too). Those are the main spots - there are so many restaurants & night spots it would be impossible to say!!
    If you want good quality leather stuff & bags go into Denpasar - there are loads of places and they will be half the price of Kuta. I've never had any stuff made so couldn't tell you much more!!

  8. Hi Stephen - nice blog! Great layout, design, and photos!

    Are you still teaching at EF? I'm teaching at EF in China but hoping to wander down that way. Took law school classes in Bali years ago and of course, fell in love with the island!

    Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Christy

  9. I have finished at EF because I couldn't stand it anymore! I wouldn't recommend working for EF here as they work you like dogs for very little reward.
    Better is to try your luck in one of the private schools on the island - you can ask me more about this on www.omniprof.ning.com as it's a site for EFL teachers that my friend set up and I use regularly. I also have lots of info over there about teaching in Bali. Hope it helps!


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