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Latest photos from Balangan from August 24th 2010

(the barrel shots are land shots from the same day I took the gopro vids in the previous post!!)

'twas a good day!


Balangan Ezy Rider!

Just had a morning surf down at Balangan before work....very fun! I had a better barrel than the one on camera but (typically) the  GoPro camera cut out as I was paddling for it!  Still.......here a couple of shots for you to enjoy! Cheers!

Here's a still from the GoPro

Here's a shorter video that gets straight to the point:


Me on a set wave at Balangan - didn't want to do many turns as it was dead low tide and pretty shallow!  The  lip landed on the camera and turned it off!

Here's a sequence and a couple of photos - really fun session!! Balangan is fast becoming my favourite spot in Bali!


                         Uluwatu GoPro Test

A wee while back I bought a GoPro Surf Hero camera for my board.  I finally got the FCS plug put into the deck of my board to attach it and took it out for a run at small, but very shallow, low-tide Uluwatu.  The vid starts with the infamous walk down to the 'entry cave', although on low-tide it's not quite as daunting as on high as you can walk out of it - on high you just paddle from the cave without really know what's going on!  The tide was low and the waves were small so it ended up breaking in about knee deep water on the inside and was very ledgy and so I wasn't trying too many moves! Annoyingly the camera mysteriously cut off the recording right on the take off of my best wave! Typical! Still some fun ones!

Anyway, without further ado, here it is - a few highlights from my session!  ENJOY!

GoPro Test!

PS I never knew I looked like such a freak when I'm paddling - scary!

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