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Monday, 23 April 2012

Made in Bali: Raw Chocolate - Narkabo (85% Cacao)

For the next installment in the Made in Bali mini-series, I thought I'd do a post for all of you who love healthy or raw food, and those of you who love chocolate, as it is now possible to find healthy, raw chocolate made in Bali! It is currently produced under the simple brand name of Bali Chocolate.

The different processing stages of the
raw gojiberry chocolate and coconut syrup
There are a few different varieties, mainly the Narkabo Chocolate Nibbles which are available with 69% cacao/cocoa or 85% cacao/cocoa, with gojiberry thrown in for some extra goodness! As it says on the box,this organic and natural dark chocolate is 'Rich in magnesium, full of anti-oxidants and [is] the best brain food ever'.  

There's also other goodies available like Bali Krunch, a snack-sized bar of crunchy (but sweet) rice coated in dark chocolate and the Deep Tropic Natural Coconut Syrup made from the fallen coconuts of the surrounding trees.

My personal favourite,
the Narkabo Chocolate
with 85% cocoa/

Obviously, being raw, dark chocolate, it is not as sweet as the usual stuff you find in supermarkets and corner shops but the health benefits of 85% cacao/cocoa chocolate are already well known.

I can only state for definite that Narkabo Chocolate is available in Zula Vegetarian Paradise in Jl. Dhyana Pura (Seminyak) and its sister-business the Earth Cafe in Oberoi. Also, you can check out Bali Chocolate's website for info on the history of chocolate and its benefits and uses past and present. You can also fill out their contact form to speak to them directly.


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