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Friday, 6 January 2012

Pemuteran, Bali: Saving coral reefs with electric 'shock therapy'

Up on Bali's northwest coast lies Pemuteran; a tiny hamlet renowned for its snorkelling & coral reefs. However, due to dynamite fishing and other unsavoury practices, and with increasing water temperatures attributed to global warming, the coral in Pemuteran was in a state of  steady decline for many years.

A project was hatched to regenerate one of Bali's coral gardens  in the year 2000 by certain members of the local business community with great help from the locals. As the video of the now flourishing coral reefs of Pemuteran, the project seems to be injecting some life back into the reefs and and also providing an innovative touch with ideas like sponsor a coral for tourists which will even allow you to have your name written into a structure designed for coral regeneration.

Below is a short video explaining the regeneration project in more detail - enjoy!

For more of the science behind the project, see the following article from Discovery News:


1 comment:

  1. That sounds like a good idea. I hope they will be able to restore these beautiful coral reefs in Bali. The tourists will surely support these kinds of projects. digitalgateit.com


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