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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Earthquake Bali 13th October 2011

Earthquake Bali 13th October 2011

Just experienced the biggest earthquake of my life in Bali. It has since been stated that it was 6.8 on the Richter scale and that it struck some 10km off the coast of Nusa Dua off the southern tip of Bali. I was in on the third floor of the school I work in and the kids just bolted out, some screaming but most were just so focused on getting out that they didn't make a sound. It was a bizarre experience and, upon leaving, there were some very visible cracks in the outer walls of the building. Please see below for some of the photos I took of Carrefour on Sunset Road, Kuta. The huge side windows had shattered and fallen onto the road
and there were people loading shopping trolleys with rubble and debris from what had fallen off the outer walls. A colleague inside said it took around 3 minutes to evacuate amid the chaos.

I also passed the One Earth School in Pemogan, Denpasar on the way home from work and it looks like the children must have been confronted by a shower of falling tiles as they tried to exit. People at the school told me that, rather miraculously, no-one was hurt in the chaos.

One thing I learnt from this experience is that, when an earthquake happens, you best be ready as there really are no rules in Indonesia for such events - everyone just bolts and running is considered mandatory!!

If there as another earthquake in Bali like this one, I hope nothing more serious happens.

Have a look at my photos below for more (click to enlarge).

One Earth School - tiles fell off left, right and centre! I don't know how the kids weren't hurt in the panic

The shattered glass off the side of the building at Carrefour, Sunset Road, Kuta. Again, not sure how nobody got hurt

The rubble & debris from Carrefour.

Some big cracks

The cracks run right across the front facade of the building

That hole is bigger than it looks

The other end of Carrefour, again, much bigger than it looks but nothing too major.

Just seen this video also....starts off small but gets stronger!! Thanks to

Bali Earthquake October 13th 2011


  1. Bloody hell, Stephen! Glad you weren't hurt & hope Deborah is fine too. Speak soon and stay safe! Starchy x

  2. May I ask if it is safe to travel to Kuta, Bali now?

    Has there been any aftershocks so far as I am suppose to be travelling end of this week?

  3. There was one aftershock about 4 hours after the initial quake but it was only a 4.8 or something. I think it's as safe in Bali now as it will ever be. It was the biggest quake in 36 years I believe so I think the chances of it happening again are slim. That said, it is in the ring of fire so you never know but I'm sure you'll be fine. You'd be missing out on a whole lot if you didn't come!!

  4. Thanks for the prompt response.

    How long have U been staying there? So, U reckon it's pretty safe to go.

    I have been looking into the news & have not seen any other coverage except for the day it happened & it seems that the coast is clear hehe.

    I am suppose to be staying at Quest Hotel Bali. Do U have any recommendation of guides with good rates? By the way, are U able to advise how much I should budget for food & expenses per day?

  5. Hi - I've been here for 2 years now. I would recommend this blog post by another expat living here -
    I would also suggest adding maybe 5% on top as this was done a year ago and prices are rising pretty quickly here!
    I have never used a guide so can't recommend any I'm sorry!!


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