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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Uluwatu & Padang Padang photos

Rizal Tanjung was out there and (as always) ripping it up! He was getting the best waves of the sets and definitely stood out from the crowd.  It was the first Padang swell of the season and they were out in their droves.

Here's a video I just put together of some shots from Uluwatu & Padang Padang the other day
from my friend Mr. Wiley -


Here are also some of his photos;

For more, check out his blog - www.willspelan.blogspot.com

Padang Padang

More photos -->

Ozzy Wright

Ozzy Wright flying down the line at Ulus

.......and 2 seconds later on the same wave.......

Mission Impossible(s)

Wall of Water


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