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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Made in Bali: Natural Mosquito Repellent by Neemba

Following on from the last post in my Made in Bali I would like to tell you about a product which I use on an almost daily basis, Neemba's Mosquito Spray, made from natural substances contained in neem seed extracts, along with lavender, citronella and velvet extract

As you probably know, malaria is extremely rare in Bali but you should bear in mind the risk of dengue fever as it is more common than malaria. Therefore, a good mosquito repellent in Bali is a must.

Although Neemba's Mosquito Spray does not contain any DEET, it uses a natural ingredient that has been known for centuries to keep mosquitoes away: citronella.

Being natural, it is a great repellent to put on at night as it is not sticky, greasy or oily like many other commercially available mosquito repellents sold here in Bali (Autan and Soffel are two which, after putting them on, are so greasy that I can't sleep).

You can order online direct from Neemba (which is the cheapest) or you can buy it in shops such as Little Tree on Sunset Road (on the opposite side of the road and a few hundred metres down from Carrefour).


  1. Could you add this number to the post?

    Andi - Neemba : +62 813 5323 9213


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