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Friday, 22 October 2010

Where to buy a Go Pro camera in Bali?

You can buy a Go Pro surf camera in Bali for 2 million Rupiah ($220 US approx.) for the standard 5MP version or 3.6million Rupiah ($395 US approx.) for the HD version. These are available in '526 Foot' surf shop on Sunset Road in Seminyak on the main road on the way to Canggu / Kerobokan.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

How to Survive a Long-haul Air Asia Flight!

Having recently 'survived' a long-haul trip with Air Asia (Bali - UK in two legs), I thought I would share a few tid-bits of information for anyone else out there considering the same.

First things first, Air Asia is a budget airline just like Ryanair in Europe or Virgin Blue in Australia; they keep costs down by cutting back on all 'non-essential'  details ('non-essential' in this case is their definition which might differ in meaning to that of an average passenger!).  Expect to
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