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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rip Curl Padang Cup Final 2011 - Who won?!

Rip Curl Padang Cup Final 2011 - Who won?!

So, after all the hype and BS....the Rip Curl Padang Cup 2011 finally went down! The morning didn't look too good (was stuck in work!) with big waves but an unfavourable wind. Proof of this seemed to be a combined total score (out of a possible 80) of 10.85 for all FOUR competitors in the first heat! It seems they were the unlucky ones as later on, although the swell dropped slightly, it got more groomed and perfect.

I was lucky enough to get down in time to see the final from atop the cliffs away from the frenzy down below. The waves were perfect and the barrels were amazing. All the guys in the final were flying but I had no idea
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