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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Kuta by Scooter!

Ever wondered what it is like to drive or walk through the Kuta back alleys? Well, here it is! I took a Sunday afternoon drive around Kuta and got my girlfriend on the back to film some video clips.  Bear in mind, this is the quietest time of day!

It's really not the best place to go for an afternoon stroll, even if the streets are narrow and don't seem made for cars, they are still everywhere down there!  If you go down there, be careful.....
with those horrible grills in the floor - I have seen about 3 or 4 caved in (we're talking rusty metal) in the middle of the street. If you fell down one at night, your hols might be cut a little bit short, shall we say!

This is just the beginning of the main area.  Always plenty of traffic! Try going down there at night - it's nuts!

Driving down along Poppies 2 - check the guy next to me who has his little son sitting in front of him without a helmet - classic Indo style parenting!!!!!!!! And no, this road isn't one way! If you go down there, expect to be beeped off the pavement by perturbed motorcyclists because they want to use it as a way round the traffic jams! I apologise if the footage is a bit shaky but that's because the road is awful!

Down on to the turn for Kuta Beach - check the poor horse pulling the carriage throught the heat at the end......they are always foaming at the mouth from dehydration & exhaustion - don't get on one!!

So there you have it, Kuta by scooter! It's not the cleanest place on earth, it's not the nicest place on earth, but you are sure to stop by there at some point on your trip to Bali, some love it, some hate it, go and check it out and see for yourself!!

Here are a couple of stills from the vids........






  1. Good video clips capture the atmosphere. Yes I remember it well!


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