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Friday, 21 December 2012

A good apartment with AC in Kerobokan?

Our next question comes from Marina from Jakarta, who said:

Question: "Dear Life in Bali,

My name's Marina & my friend I are looking for a fully furnished apartment for rent around the Kerobokan/Brawa areaWe need a room with hot water, a fridge & air-con. We're currently living with a friend but have to move out by the end of the month.

Can you help, please?
Thank you for your kind attention! We look forward to your reply. 


AnswerHi Marina,

South-west Denpasar has some pretty nice rice fields, worth
looking out for!

Thanks for the message! Umalas in Kerobokan has some good deals for what you are looking for,

but do you definitely need to be in Kerobokan? South-west Denpasar is also good as it is close to that area but the prices are lower. Have you also tried the Bali Advertiser? They have lots of different accommodation - it's worth a look but they tend to cater more to tourists so the prices can be a bit higher than in other places.

Also Bali's OLX page might help you to find accommodation.

Hope that's helpful!


Life in Bali

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