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Friday, 22 October 2010

Where to buy a Go Pro camera in Bali?

You can buy a Go Pro surf camera in Bali for 2 million Rupiah ($220 US approx.) for the standard 5MP version or 3.6million Rupiah ($395 US approx.) for the HD version. These are available in '526 Foot' surf shop on Sunset Road in Seminyak on the main road on the way to Canggu / Kerobokan.

You should see it on the right as you are going West out of town, there is a giant poster of a guy riding a SUP adorning the wall. I can also tell you that it has lots of epoxy surfboards in the windows and big Tuflite / Surftech adverts outside.  I also find it a great technical store as they offer such things as SurfTech rental as well.    Good luck!  See map below to help you!

Here's a link to the shop's website - 526 Foot Surf Shop

I see they recently have put up an online shop - here's the link to the GoPro page - 526 Foot Surf Shop Online Store: GoPro


Where to buy a Go Pro camera in Bali?

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