Bali for Vegetarians: Loving Hut, Denpasar

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First up, I thought I’d write a quick note about the Loving Hut in Denpasar, which is situated just of Jl. Jendral Sudirman in Denpasar, at the Watureggong end. It’s not the easiest to find, being quite firmly nestled in the office and shopping centre but parking isn’t too much of a problem.
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From the outside, it has a very clean appearance with lots of sparkling white surfaces and a glass-front facade. Going inside it also maintains this clean appearance as, by Indonesian standards, it seems spotless.

H/T Lovinghut

However, there are 2 main problems that I have experienced at the Loving Hut in Denpasar:
  1. The food was good one time, poor the next two – we ordered some potato wedges which had clearly been microwaved and were still partly frozen inside. When my girlfriend (who’s Indonesian) explained the situation to the waitress, the girl replied ‘And what?’….not the most helpful response! After explaining that she could cook them in the microwave a little longer, they then came back burnt to a crisp.
  2. The service – the Loving Hut is well staffed in terms of numbers but they just seem content to sit around chatting to each other and ignore most of the customers! I had to go up to the counter twice to place an order as they didn’t want to come to the table (in a table-service restaurant!!). They were also pretty grumpy. 

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So, although the Loving Hut in Denpasar does have some good food on its menu, its poor service and staff can make it a frustrating experience. However, I’d still say it’s worth a try as the first time we went was fine.

Here’s a map for the Loving Hut in Denpasar!
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