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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bali Services: David Burden Photography

A seaweed farmer at work on Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia.
© David Burden Photography

Recently, I caught up with a friend and Bali-based photographer, David Burden, to ask him a few questions about being a freelance photographer on the island. Here's what he had to say:

Life in Bali (LIB) : Hi, Dave! Can you tell us about you and where you come from?

David Burden (DB) : I'm originally from Christchurch, Dorset on the South Coast of the UK, but as much as I love my hometown, I've been compelled to see as much of the world as I can. Ever since finishing university in Wales I've been all over doing stints in places like Australia, India, California, New Zealand, and currently Bali.

LIB: How did you come to live in Bali?

DB: I came here as part of a round trip on the good old 'backpacker' trail in 2000 and instantly loved the climate, people, shenanigans, nightlife and the fact I could surf in shorts instead of 6mm of rubber. I kept coming back until a job as a teacher came up while I was in New Zealand and I just couldn't turn it down!

A traditional kecak ceremony at Uluwatu Temple, Bali
© David Burden Photography
LIB: How long have you been a photographer?

DB: I went to India once and was adamant that I wouldn't take a camera with me, stupidly believing that taking photos would get in the way of getting the most out of the trip. I still regret that to this day, and ever since then I've been snapping away and learning the craft by trial and error. After I got burned out doing the EFL thing for 6 years (3 in Bali) I had a few friends in high places who started asking for images for editorials and the classic "Can you shoot our wedding?". Things got better and better and demand for my stuff eventually meant that I could pack in the teaching and concentrate on shooting and working in media.

LIB: What area of photography do you specialise in?

DB: Personally I get the biggest kick out of travel and portraiture photography, but commercially it's mostly editorial and weddings.

LIB: How should our readers contact you?

DB: Carrier pigeon would be pretty cool, but failing that check out my site at www.davidburdenphotography.com or drop me an e-mail.

LIB: Where can we see some more of your work?

DB: As well as the website, I have a collection of canvasses on show at Batu Karang resort in Nusa Lembongan. Also keep an eye out in HelloBali Magazine, Jetstar Asia and Mandala in-flight magazines and the newly completed Sarong Inspirations travel cookbook from Will Meyrick at sarongbali.com

LIB: OK, Dave - thanks for your time!

DB: Sama sama!

So there you have it! If you haven't checked out Dave's site, you can also do so by clicking the banner below to contact him and ask about getting the perfect photos for your Bali wedding, Bali villa or just about anything Bali-related!


  1. I want to contact David but his website doesn't work. can you please let me know what his email is. thanks.

    1. @Ben - hi there, yes - you're right! It doesn't seem to be working. I'll contact Dave right away and let him know - in the mean time, his e-mail is david(at)davidburdenphotography.com ('@' symbol removed to avoid spamming!)


    2. His site should be working now- let me know if there's a problem!


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