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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bali Street Food: An Introduction

I thought it might be helpful to write series of posts on Bali street food as it could be helpful to the average tourist coming to Bali for the first time.

Bali street food is a topic that many associate with the dreaded bali belly which has been known to strike down even the most travel-hardened visitors. Although not often very serious, bali belly is something which you would rather not get and therefore a bit of inside info when eating on the street will come in handy.

Some very standard types of fried street food in Bali
Without further ado, please find the full list of my 'Bali street food' posts please remember to check back for more as I will try to add to them as often as possible!

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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for your comment on my blog (remote and raw). You managed to get any off season waves lately? Don't know if you saw my other blogs; Crema and Crumbs features a number of cafes in Bali with a focus on coffee and vegan options.

  2. Hi Sally! I have had some fun waves recently actually as it has been surprisingly good these last few weeks! I checked out your other blogs - very cool! I'm now a subscriber via e-mail!
    You might also want to check out my girlfriend's site: - it's about mostly vegetarian foods from both Asian & Western countries.


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