Bali Book Swap

Bali Book Swap

Yesterday I went down to the Bali Book Swap @ DIJON Cafe in Kuta.  It’s a great idea and works very well – the lady who runs it is friendly and simply asks you how many books you have, collects them and tells you to take as many as you came with.  Just as you’d expect.  The great thing is
that in Kuta they offer to buy your books for very little but knowing about this book swap you can just keep exchanging as you wish.

When is it, I hear you ask.  The last Saturday of every month
Where?  Take a look at the map below! I’ll say that it’s located almost opposite Planet Hollywood (i.e. over the other side of the big roundabout called ‘Simpang Siur’.  You’ll see a small skate park nearby and a security booth outside.

I should add that Dijon Cafe is a nice place to hang out too so it’s well worth checking out.  See you there next month! Enjoy

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Here’s Dijon Cafe’s website should you need any more info –
Bali Book Swap

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